Who Am I?

I’m B Aultman, a PhD student at the City University of New York Graduate School. My main areas of interest are social movements in American politics, transgender studies, and science studies. My proposed dissertation, entitled “The Epistemology of Transgender Political Resistance: Embodied Experience and the Practices of Everyday Life,” explores how the classificatory schemes within the study of social movements have occluded the political practices of trans* people. How are political identities bound up in the practices of everyday life such that they constitute political resistance? To what extent can an ethnographic approach to the study of political identities define these identities and practices in the subject’s own terms? I suggest a way of thinking this through is by conceptualizing trans* indexicality, or the ways that language and meaning are situated, mediated, and lived. My central concern is to explain and overcome what philosopher Miranda Fricker has previously defined as epistemic injustice by allowing subjects to speak to their own gendered and sexed ways of being in the world–and how these identities are bound to the political.

I have written and published on various issues, ranging from the concept of cisgender (in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 2014) and the history of sexual politics in the U.S., to American political institutions. To date, I have served in two editorial capacities for The Politics of Sexuality and Global HIV/AIDS Politics, Policy, and Activism.

You can find my CV here. Some of my conference papers have been uploaded here. And check out my co-hosted podcast, The Always Already, here.

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