Buttigieg and the Gay Pastoral

Pete Buttigieg’s run for the presidency apparently matters. That’s what we are told in the Washington Post. Adam McMahon, assistant professor of political science at Rider University, lists three reasons to justify the claim. First, “Mayor Pete,” as he is referred variously, is the first “out” runner for the Democratic nomination (and potentially the first … Continue reading Buttigieg and the Gay Pastoral


Queer Eye and Normative Dreams

Allow me to have a brief but queer detour on my way to Queer Eye. I think Fredric Jameson might have been right. (Wait, was it Jameson?) He argued that contemporary (or post-modern) culture sells “intensity.” It promises what Brian Massumi calls affect. For the normal person, the consumer of mass media, it sells an assortment … Continue reading Queer Eye and Normative Dreams

Some Notes on Happiness

I’ve recently had the privilege to reflect on the meaning of happiness in a forthcoming article for Writing from Below. The premise was that the “good life” in the trans ordinary (that is, day-to-day routines and rhythms of making a trans life livable) couldn’t be indexed by normative standards of happiness. My article isn’t as … Continue reading Some Notes on Happiness

Protest Poem

I dreamt that color was only prismatic like oceans with blue waters and sky a sunset darkened with hints of red and orange that drank up the evening’s musings and allowed the supple sun to rejoice a closing day. Then a black body thrust out of view comes to pain my senses and reaches deep … Continue reading Protest Poem

Commodifying Epistemic Practices: Race, Gender, and Dialogue

I will try to keep this entry brief, since so much of it can come across as mansplaining (which is really just cis-splaining—but I’ll save that for another day). It’s in reaction to several blog posts concerning appropriation and expropriation of black femininity by cis gay men (I’m assuming the Time piece was referring to … Continue reading Commodifying Epistemic Practices: Race, Gender, and Dialogue

Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” Video

See the video here. And don't read the comments.I was taking a bath earlier, enjoying a cold beer, listening to this song—but specifically watching this video, nearly on repeat for about half-an-hour. I had a few thoughts about it I wanted share.Now, off the bat, as a cis-queer guy, I can’t speak for my trans* identifying … Continue reading Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” Video